Regarded as “one of the world’s finest drinking waters” PH8 Alkaline Water is taking Australia and now China by storm.

UPDATE - PH8 Natural Alkaline Water wins Fine Waters Gold Medal in Guangzhou, China.

Found in a pristine limestone aquifer in Warooka South Australia, PH8 Natural Alkaline Water is one of the only known drinking waters to contain naturally occurring minerals such as selenium and silica.

Now available Australia-wide, PH8 has gained significant interest worldwide with it recently gaining the attention of China, where now after a long process, is now officially being exported to China.

Being an Alkaline water, PH8 doesn’t go through a nasty filtration process, meaning it is able to retain its mineral and alkaline content. It has amazing health advantages such as:

–          Being able to detox the body

–          Increase muscle stamina

–          Increase endurance during exercise

–          Has amazing anti-aging properties

–          Is good for the hair, skin and nails

–          Helps with skin conditions and health ailments

–          Is able to get straight into the blood stream for instant hydration

–          Doesn’t contain any chemicals

Being one of the finest drinking waters in the world, PH8 Alkaline Water has built a strong following ranging from organic stores, health food stores, general supermarket chains, gyms and health practitioners.

The team at PH8 Natural Alkaline Water pride themselves on offering the highest quality water to promote health and wellbeing to everyone.

Join PH8 Alkaline Water and take our water challenge. Drink PH8 for one week straight and reap the benefits of feeling great, looking great and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Contact us today to find out where our stockists are and how you can even order online your water for home delivery. 

Yours in hydration, health and wellness

The team at PH8 Natural Alkaline Water.