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Yorke on a Fork Food and Wellness Fair

Yorke on a Fork

Feel like the stress of everyday life has taken a toll on your physical, emotional, and social wellbeing? Maybe it’s time to do something about it. The Yorke Peninsula Council has just the thing for you!

The 2021 Yorke on a Fork Food and Wellness Fair is a series of fairs sprinkled throughout this month in different parts of the peninsula. With fun events that focus on healthy living, arts, and community, you’ll definitely find something to enjoy with friends and family.

Upcoming Dates

  • March 7, 10.30am to 3pm at the Central Yorke Football Club and Oval, Maitland
  • March 12, 4-8pm at the Stansbury Golf Club (Evening event)
  • March 14, 10.30am to 3pm at the Minlaton Bowling Club and Basketball Stadium
  • March 21, 10.30am to 3pm at the Yorketown RSL and Sports Club
  • March 28, 10.30am to 3pm at the Western United Sporting Club, Warooka

Event Highlights

If you’re not excited yet, then here’s a sneak peek at what you could experience at the events:

  • If you want to incorporate locally-made products into your meal plan, check out the cooking demonstrations by MBC Foods (Caroline will be also be stocking PH8 Natural Alkaline Water). You’ll enjoy the plant-based nutrition talk with Jo Minks. Want to learn to incorporate lentils into your meals the yummy way? Rosevale Lentils has got you covered. 
  • Learning new skills is important for anyone at any age. Learn how to express yourself and make friends with activities organised by the Footlight Theatre Company. Prove that old dogs can learn old tricks by joining the University of the Third Age events for retirees and semi-retirees. Discover a brand new budgeting skill by learning how to cook with leftovers, with the guidance of KESAB Cooking.
  • Looking for things to keep your kids busy and engaged? Let them play detective with the Inspector Hector and the Vanishing Vegetables theatre show. Spur their creativity with Studio Surf’s outdoor art program. Get them hooked early on the benefits of yoga with Moveit Body Mind Play Grow.
  • Learn how to deal with overwhelming emotions in a healthy and constructive manner with Wholistic Heights. Talk to a licensed physiotherapist on how those afflicted with medical conditions can safely get their workout in. Meditate and strengthen your body with pilates and yoga. And for the ultimate soul-fulfilling activity, talk to the SYP Community to find out what you can do to help your community in times of hardship, including pandemics and bush fires.
  • If you just want to go out and have fun, invite your family and friends to join you. There are come-and-go activities for basketball, tennis, nature art, and bowling. And if you’re tired from all the events, just get a free massage!

With all these activities, it’s hard not to get excited about the 2021 Yorke on a Fork Food and Wellness Fair. We hope to see you there!

For further information please see upcoming events on the Yorke Peninsula Council's Facebook Page

Yorke Peninsula Council Food and Wellness Events

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