The water feels very soft and substantial, with character and provides a nice contrast with low Minerality waters with a lower pH. I personally like more substantial waters as they have character and can be matched with food due to the fact that they have a taste. This should also be a water that is perfect with red wine as long as it is consumed at the same temperature as the wine.

Michael Mascha, USA, FineWaters.com

Congratulations to the PH8 team on delivering to the market a truly wonderful product. I did suffer from Gout on a regular basis but since I have been consuming 1.5 to 2 litres of your water a day, I am luck to get Gout once a year. I have also tested your PH and yep, it is spot on 8% vs other waters I compared of 6 to 7% Truly amazing and straight from nature, again I thank you.

John Taylor, Adelaide

I was diagnosed by a specialist with a high reading for auto immune disease and so have since been watching my diet and the water I drink. Just recently I came across PH8 Water and have now been drinking it for a good week. I already find after switching to a more alkaline water I have more energy and my thinking is a lot clearer. I feel this natural water has many benefits to help with my situation.

Roslyn, Melbourne

Like many people we saw the story on Today Tonight in regards to PH8 water and the benefits of drinking pure water. At this time my husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer and the outlook did not look good. We decided to use the water. Three rounds of chemo tablets and the tumour was showing signs of shrinking. The Chemo was over with in October last year and we continued with the water and the tumour kept on shrinking. We were told that this type of cancer is inoperable and incurable. Guess what… it was operable and curable. The kidney was removed in June 2015 and the tumour was smaller than they anticipated and the tumour had been contained in the kidney…it had not gone anywhere else. I took great delight in reminding doctors of their first words inoperable and incurable. The oncologist was amazed and we told him about the water and even gave him some to try. He is now addicted to it like us. I firmly believe that having this pure water that makes your body alkaline and not acidic is the miracle that we needed. To PH8 you are my heroes and we will not live without this water.

Sandie Druwitt, Adelaide

I was recently diagnosed with transgeminal neuralgia. My exercise capacity due to pain is limited but I know that with eating well and drinking PH8 I’ve achieved weight loss and better health. I found it hard at first just getting into the habit of drinking 2-3 litres per day, not to mention my increased bathroom visits. I no longer have a slow bowel and I’m regular every morning, something I’ve never been. Other benefits are that I’ve found that my skin is now clearer and my breath is better. I’ve also lost 3 kg and am now 88kg so that’s fantastic.

Sabiha Kasar, Victoria

I had a friend get me onto the water – and it is amazing. Before trying it, I used to get really bad acid reflux, not even after finishing 3 bottles of the water, I stopped suffering from acid reflux, and haven’t suffered from it since. AMAZING alkaline water.


I’ve been a PH8 girl ever since it was discovered. My hair nails an skin thrive on it, I rarely get sick an it the best to pass on to my new baby. Love it.


I in general have better skin, as the water helps my ph levels. This stops my Rosacea completely. I also get hydrated quicker and find PH8 tastes far better than normal bottled water including the expensive brands.


Have been drinking this stuff since been diagnosed with a rare strain of multiple myeloma back in October of 2015. At least a bottle a day, and have been clear since August last year. Not saying that this stuff cured me, but alkalising the body certainly helps prevent the spread of the disease. Good food and good water help.


I drink PH8 and it helps reduce reflux due to neutralising the body’s acidity – i don’t feel vaguely sick all day. It has my vote of approval!! I still drink and love rainwater too


Just thought I would share some thoughts with you re a blood sugar problem. Over Christmas/ New Year my normal BSL – Blood Sugar Level went from 5.5 to over 14 (Not Good). I started drinking 1 x small bottle of PH8 Natural Alkaline Water per day and the BSL settled down to just above 10. Then after reading more info on your website, I decided to increase my consumption of PH8 to 1.5 Litres per day. Under my Doctors supervision the Blood Sugars are now reducing daily and yesterday were down to 6.6. My Doctor is amazed. Thank you once again, I am feeling human again thanks to Ph8

I just want to say a huge “Thank You” for recommending the PH8 water to me. For the first time in years I am not experiencing extreme cramping in the legs and feet during the night. It feels so good to have a relaxed, pain-free, night’s sleep! Cannot thank you (and PH8) enough.

I call Ph8Water my ‘elixir of life’ and I’ll tell you why. As a diabetic first diagnosed more than 15 years ago at first my condition was controlled by diet alone, then for many years with the help of tablets and for the past five years by one daily slow release insulin injection. During all of this time my 3 monthly blood screenings have shown varying degrees of highs and lows in most tested areas. For the past two years my blood screen tests have been stable and clear of concerning signs with my weight stable, not low but with no significant fluctuations. My specialist has discussed this with me and at first put these improved results down to increased exercise during the summer months when I exercise almost daily in the local swimming pool, however, I refuted this as the change that stabilised my blood tests because this has been my ongoing practise for 4 years not just the last two years. What had changed in the past 2 years? In mid-2012 an endoscopy confirmed that my stomach lining had weak patches causing strong heartburn, indigestion and stomach pain. A doctor prescribed tablets to stop my stomach producing so much acid: these helped but did not totally eliminate the problem. Then I saw a TV ad about Ph8 Water being alkaline and decided to try it. The first thing that I noticed was an elimination of the heartburn problem – logical really because alkaline neutralises acid – and I was pleased. The second thing I noticed was that I no longer craved cans of diet drinks so naturally this improved the acid problem but if I drank a diet cola, a tea or a coffee at a gathering all I had to do was to drink Ph8 Water as soon as I returned to my car and the acid sensitivity abated. What I had not expected was the stabilising of my blood tests for diabetes. This I do know – it works for me because I have been eating like a non-diabetic, in other words eating whatever I fancy, for the past 2 years and expecting a severe lecture from my endocrinologist at my last two visits. I was shocked to find that this was not needed and that he now considers me a stable diabetic who can have him check my diabetic status annually – if I wish it not as a necessary check. Whether this is caused totally due to Ph8 Water and whether it would work for everyone needs further testing under scientific conditions. It is worthy of investigation. At my workplace I have 12 peers one of whom drinks Ph8Water with his lunch and values it so that when I had it delivered to my workplace it was not surprising to see him often chose to drink it instead of alcohol or soft drinks. What was a pleasant surprise was to see two other health-conscious peers follow his lead so now there are a quarter of us drinking Ph8 Water. In comparison to other workers, at a meeting that takes more than 4 hours, I am bright and lively whilst others are obviously fatigued. The only difference is that I sip Ph8 Water throughout these meetings. What I can categorically state is that Ph8Water is my ‘elixir of life’!

Joy Ricci

The water feels very soft and substantial, with character and provides a nice contrast with low Minerality waters with a lower pH. I personally like more substantial waters as they have character and can be matched with food due to the fact that they have a taste. This should also be a water that is perfect with red wine as long as it is consumed at the same temperature as the wine.

Martin Riese , Water Sommelier