Natural ways to increase stamina and endurance during exerciseWhen we exercise the bodies natural function is to produce lactic acid into the muscles. When this happens it can cause fatigue, muscle tenderness, soreness, stiffness, cramping and pain.

Many sports drinks claim to replace electrolytes lost during exercise to flush lactic acid from the muscles to increase stamina, endurance and aid in fast recovery. The only problem with these types of sports drinks is they are enhanced with artificial sweeteners, preservatives, chemicals and many nasty additives, that although at the time it may feel like your muscles are gaining recovery, the long term affects of these harsh additives prove worse.

Being that the liver is the largest detoxifier in the body, it accumulates such additives also known as toxins, and as a result cannot function normally. When this happens, a build up of toxins becomes present within the body causing the body to become acidic. Diseases thrive in an acidic body and science is now able to prove this. We all exercise for various reasons, but the main reason is for health and wellness. The best way to increase endurance, fight fatigue and prevent lactic acid build up is to drink PH8 High Alkaline Mineral Water.

PH8 is a high alkaline water that takes the body from an acidic state to an alkaline state. One of the many benefits to PH8 alkaline mineral water is it contains naturally occurring electrolytes. Being high alkaline that means that the hydrogen clusters are further apart ………. What this means is instead of sitting in the stomach, PH8 is absorbed straight into the second intestine where it is absorbed straight into the blood stream, the naturally occurring electrolytes instantly flush lactic acid build up from the muscles. PH8 naturally increases stamina, endurance, fights fatigue and prevents muscle tenderness, muscle stiffness, tightness, knots and the well known “Doms” that many heavy weight lifters claim to experience the day after a weight lifting session.

Proving to be very popular within the sporting community for the positive effects that PH8 High Alkaline Spring Water has on increasing stamina and endurance, many health professionals, personal trainers, gyms and studios are now stocking PH8 High Alkaline Spring Water.

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