The Water Sommelier Reviews PH8 Natural Alkaline Water

The Water Sommelier Reviews PH8 Natural Alkaline Water


[But hey, let’s talk a little bit about water today


Okay the coolest thing about me as a Water Sommelier now and with world wide recognition is that a lot of water companies are sending me over some water.

By the way … hopefully he doesn’t cut me huh?

Okay so we continue!

So that’s a great benefit about a Water Sommelier, I never been thirsty because everybody sends me water now from around the globe.

And one company sent me some water that I really like because we are talking always about alkaline water and you guys know that I’m a little bit concerned about alkaline water because most alkaline waters here in America are actually produced from water companies who are selling tap water, nothing else.

So it’s purified water and I think people who are following me know when I hear purified water or when I’m talking about purified water, it’s not really what I am expecting of a good quality water.

But, the big two differences when it comes to bottled water, one is purified water and one pH water comes from a natural occurring spring. And this particular water, get away from that music here, it’s like a night club today.

And this one water comes from Australia today.

And it’s called PH8, yeah, have it right here in my hand, coz I’m going to the gym and I want electrolytes today, therefore I’m drinking today PH8 alkaline water from Australia.

We call the TDS of that water is 530 so it’s a pretty high TDS water, has a lot of calcium, a lot of sodium and magnesium, what I love because when you’re working out, you are sweating and you’re sweat is kind of salty, therefore you wanna drink more water and you wanna replenish your minerals and electrolytes with natural occurring spring waters.

And that is the big difference about the PH8 Alkaline Water from Australia because this comes from Mother Nature. Nothing has been altered to this water, they don’t filter anything out.

It’s a very good tasting water as well because they participated in China as well, in Guangzhou and everybody I think saw the video already on Vimeo, the Water Sommelier water you’re doing it wrong

About my appearance in China, and I was testing all the different waters and we gave PH8 Alkaline natural occurring water from Australia the Gold Medal for very very good tasting water.

So, I’m gonna switch around the camera that you can actually see as well … by the way here’s my gym where I will go in a minute and here we’ve got PH8 Natural Alkaline spring water with electrolyte minerals and this comes from nature guys so when you’re looking at the grocery store

pH – yes, it’s alkaline water but this water should come from mother nature and it is always important that you do not buy purified water because this is nothing else than highly processed water.

It’s kind of like you’re going to McDonalds and you think your Big Mac is the most healthiest item you ever will eat. Just the same with my opinion about purified water, just don’t buy it.

This is a natural occurring water, a spring water, this is always important when see spring water, that means it came from mother nature. It’s pretty easy and pretty simple.

Here we go, great, OK.

I will go now to my gym, I will enjoy my PH8 alkaline water today and I wish you all the best. Have some fun, wherever you are.

Don’t miss the videos what I’m posting here in Facebook and you always know water is not just water and stay thirsty. Cheers guys!

That’s yummy, very very good. Anyhow, see you guys, I wish you all the best. Thankyou. Bye bye]

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