Is your alkaline water artificial or 100% natural?

Is your alkaline water artificial or 100% natural?

bottled natural alkaline water

With the worldwide trend towards alkalizing one’s body for the prevention of illness, disease and the improvement of performance of one’s immune system we are seeing alkaline water companies popping up everywhere.

BUT how many of those alkaline waters are actually 100% NATURAL?

Alkaline Water comes in 2 different forms, natural alkaline water, which is naturally alkaline from the source and requires no additional processing to reach a high pH. An example is our own PH8 Natural Alkaline Water which obtains its alkalinity and essential mineral content when filtering down to the aquifer through thick black limestone.

Artificial alkaline water on the other hand is produced when neutral or tap water has been transformed by an electronic process. Artificially produced alkaline water does not contain naturally occurring minerals, however, many products use added minerals to make it seem more natural.


Sometimes you will need to do some research because on the bottle itself it’s hard to determine what is natural and what is processed. Many bottled water companies and machine based systems will try to mislead customers by marketing their products as ‘natural’ despite using electrolysis / water ionizers.

Home based alkaline water machines (again using electrolysis) can be connected up to tap water. This will give your water a high pH score but often lacks mineral content unless artificially added.

If there is reference to the terms similar to the list below you can be assured the water you’re drinking is artificially processed:

> scientific processes
> purification process
> electrical machine
> electrochemically activated water
> water alkalizers
> ionisers/ ionizers,
> carbon filters
> remineralising filters
> enhanced water
> kangen water
> reverse osmosis

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