** UPDATE - 25/11/2021 ** PH8 operations are down due to supply chain constraints until further notice, and supply of PH8 Natural Alkaline Water is temporarily unavailable until early 2022. We apologise for the inconvenience. We would like to thank all our customers for their continued loyalty & patience. STOCK AVAILABLE FOR SYDNEY CUSTOMERS VIA GENELLA FINE FOODS.

PH8 to support Triathlon Series

PH8 Natural Alkaline Water is on board as a partner to Race 2 of the 27th annual Dare2Tri Triathlon Series on 6 December, 2015 which will be held at Midcourse Reserve, West Lakes.
ph8 alkaline water to sponsor triathlon in adelaide


Mini: 100m Swim, 6.5km Cycle, 1km Run
Tinman: 300m Swim, 16.8km Cycle, 3km Run
Challenge: 800m Swim, 25.2km Cycle, 6km Run

PH8 Natural Alkaline Water will be given to competitors for post race hydration.

To find out more about the event or series visit Gatti Sports Promotions’ website

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