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PH8 Natural Alkaline Water as a Treatment for Gout

ph8 natural alkaline water as a treatment for gout

We continue to received positive feedback from multiple Gout sufferers who have managed to alleviate gout attacks since drinking PH8 Water. It’s thought our high alkaline water reduces uric acid that builds up in the blood and helps prevent dehydration.

“Congratulations to the PH8 team on delivering to the market a truly wonderful product. I did suffer from Gout on a regular basis but since I have been consuming 1.5 to 2 litres of your water a day, I am lucky to get Gout once a year. I have also tested your PH and yep, it is spot on pH 8 vs other waters I compared of pH 6 to 7.

Truly amazing and straight from nature, again I thank you”
John Taylor
Fulham Gardens SA

It’s made a very big difference. Even on 200mg of Progout I would still get attacks every couple of months despite cutting out meat and sugar. Changing over to ph8 my attacks are no more than pins and needles when I first get out of bed. Once the blood is flowing I’m back to normal like emoticon
I drink a 1ltr and 2x 600ml a day.

Sam McLaughlin

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