Benefits of Selenium

Benefits of Selenium in Natural Alkaline Water

Selenium may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s actually a mineral that naturally occurs in human bodies. Though found in trace amounts, research has been uncovering the importance of this selenium in our bodies.

Selenium is found to have strong antioxidant properties which provide protection against disease and boost the body’s immune system.

It helps prevent thyroid disease.

While mostly stored in muscle tissue, the highest concentration of selenium is found in the thyroid gland which controls the body’s metabolism, growth, and development. Selenium is  a critical component of  the selenoproteins and enzymes which regulate the thyroid function and the production of thyroid hormones.

A chronic deficiency in selenium could eventually  lead to  goiter - either an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism)

It can reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

It has been  observed that people with high levels of selenium have a lower risk of colon, prostate, lung, bladder, skin, esophageal, and gastric cancers. This underscores selenium’s ability to fight cell damage and infections as well as help to repair DNA.

Low selenium levels have been associated with osteoarthritis and male infertility. This is also one factor that appears to exacerbate iodine deficiency in pregnant women, potentially increasing the risk of cretinism in infants.

Oxidative stress is a major pathophysiological mechanism behind many diseases including those affecting the nervous system. Increasing dietary intake of antioxidants like selenium may help in slowing down the progression of conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

It can enhance cardiovascular health.

Strokes and  heart attacks are traceable to atherosclerosis or the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Being a powerful antioxidant, selenium is able to reduce inflammation in the body which has been linked to atherosclerosis and also prevent platelets from aggregating.  A severe selenium deficiency may also result in cardiomyopathy, a disease of the heart muscle.

Where can I get selenium?

Selenium is naturally found in everyday foods like bread, cereals, seafood, red meat, nuts and poultry. It may also be found in unprocessed natural spring waters like PH8 Natural Alkaline Water, which inherits trace selenium after rainwater seeps through black limestone.

The RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) for adult men and women aged 19+ years is 55 micrograms daily, and a little more for women who are pregnant or lactating. However, people who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet or live in areas where the soil is low in selenium content may not obtain sufficient amounts.

Certain medical conditions may also reduce selenium concentrations in the body. Patients undergoing kidney dialysis or people living with HIV have much lower selenium levels than healthy individuals. Selenium concentration in the body also appears to diminish with age which can require a supplemental source of selenium and other antioxidants.

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