How Much Water Should We Drink

How Much Water Should We Drink is always a contentious issue, most research leads to the conclusion that 2 litres per day will rehydrate the average person under normal circumstances. On cool days consumption may be lower but on hot days or in warmer climates the consumption will be considerably higher. However we can all survive on around 2 litres per day. After all our bodies do consist of up to 80% water, which would lead us to agree that a significant consumption of water would help us to function normally.

As soon as the human body becomes dehydrated it reacts in a way to maintain full function of the most important organs. Water is shed to the surface of the skin for cooling purposes, when dehydration occurs the body slows the excretion of water to the skin to maintain function of the organs. This is when other bodily functions begin to suffer, therefore the importance of re hydration cannot be over emphasized.

PH8 drinking water re hydrates faster than normal water due to the smaller H20 molecule clusters being more readily absorbed into the bloodstream.